I’m Going to think about…

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true,   whatsoever things are honest,   whatsoever things are just,   whatsoever things are pure,   whatsoever things are lovely,   whatsoever things are of good report;   if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Phl 4:8

Comfort in Routine

Some days the everyday routine seems boring but today I am taking comfort in having a Monday morning place to be and things to do.  My favorite part of Monday morning is when Grace and Abby come over with their mom.  I get to spend the whole day being grandma and have a slow, quiet Monday morning with the girls.  Today we are getting our Valentine groove on!  I will try to post some pictures.  Grace wanted to make cards for Preston and Tyler.  So we used pink construction paper and glue with macaroni and Viola!  Valentines for our family.

Purpose to be a faithful servant

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. (NLT)

Today I am choosing to find purpose in my day.  Not purpose as in to make me feel good but looking at the purpose God has for my life.  I want to some day have him say…Well done faithful servant (only through Jesus Christ because I am not super Christian at all) and lay my treasures down at his feet.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18   Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (NIV)

Grieving and Celebrating can be very different for different people.


This link talks about the Loss of a child and gives some great ideas about what you can say and what not to say to the parents.  Sometimes we need to go through the process of the grieving to find the joy on the other side.  Love One Another.

“You can help grieving parents in many ways. Here are some suggestions of things to say:

  • “I’m sad for you.”
  • “I’m here to listen.”
  • “Take all the time you need.”
  • “I can’t imagine how painful this must be for you.”
  • “How can I help?”
  • “Let’s spend some time together.”
  • “It’s okay to be sad or angry around me.”
  • “Tell me more about your child.”
  • “I’m thinking about you.”

One of the hardest things about the death of a child is trying to figure out a reason for it. It just doesn’t make sense, parents should not outlive their children. With any death, the key to offering words of sympathy is to not give explanations or solutions for grief.

Avoid these statements:

  • “God needed her more than we did.”
  • “At least you have other children.”
  • “It was God’s will.”
  • “Your child is in a better place now.”
  • “I know just how you feel.”

It really is worth going to the link and doing a little research and learn how to comfort others in their time of pain.  May God Be With you as you Comfort others.

Some of my favorite activities to do with my grandkids!

  1. Glue macaroni, beans and rice onto construction paper.
  2. Read whatever book they pick out, as many times as they want.
  3. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and play the trivia game.
  4. Cuddle and watch a movie.
  5. Pray for others with them.
  6. Say I love you!
  7. Go to the park.
  8. Make a fort or watch while they do it.
  9. Show them how to take pictures with my camera.
  10. Take a nap with them and they love this too…just hard to get them to go to sleep as they want to talk the whole time.
  11. Find fun games on the IPOD for them to play and teach them how.
  12. Teach them Bible stories.
  13. Practice drawing shapes and faces and simple drawings with the toddlers.
  14. laugh…and giggle!
  15. Have them help me cook.
  16. Roll a ball back and forth.

What do you like to do with the kids in your life?  I like to choose some projects that have everlasting life lessons.  I like to use a line from the movie “Help” and it is “You are Smart, You are Kind, You are Beautiful”.  (not sure my version is exact but it is the same idea of using affirming words).  The movie shows how people other than the parents can love on kids and make a difference in their lives.  It makes me happy to love on people, especially kids.

Change things up…and try making something new and adventurous!

Vanilla Caramels with Sea Salt

  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 tb vanilla extract
  • 1 cup heavy or whipping cream (I would like to try Coconut Milk, put in fridge overnight first)
  • 4oz salted butter, room temperature
  • coarse sea salt (we used La Baleine Coarse Sea Salt)
  • special equipment: candy thermometer

1. Combine sugar, honey, and vanilla extract in a large non-reactive pot. Turn on the heat and let the sugar and honey melt and cook until caramelized (it will slowly become a deep, dark brown color.) 2. While the sugar is cooking, bring the cream to a simmer. 3. When the sugar reaches the color you like, whisk in the butter in small knobs, until well mixed, then add the warmed cream, whisk until smooth. Let the mixture cook until the temperature reaches 260F. 4. Pour the hot caramel onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Let cool about ten minutes, and then sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Continue to let it come to room temperature, and then cut into small squares, roll, and wrap in packets of parchment or waxed paper.


There are times in life when things are not perfect, when problems seem to surround you. As you look for a way through them, it is important to keep a positive attitude about your life and where you are going. When you are going through a difficult time, you may wonder if you’re making the right choices. You may wonder about how things will turn out if you take a different road. But you are a strong and motivated individual who will rise to meet the challenges that face you. You will get through difficult times. – Beverly A. Chisley (thanks Linse)

Prayer helps in these times that are difficult.  Actually I pray when I can’t decide which cafe to go to…just say, God, I can’t figure this out and am trusting you to lead me.  So far that has worked well in my life. 🙂 So if you are in the belly of a whale…PRAY!

Flours (Thankful for Gluten Free Flours) from http://goodcheapeats.com/2010/03/gluten-free-flours-guest-post/

Brown rice
Wheat (not GF!)

Late Night Prayers/Turn Your Eyes

It is night and everyone is in bed.  The dripping rain outside my window is like many little fingers of massaging angels ministering to my aching body. You know how it is, when you are so tired  but your mind won’t shut off.  Today I am thankful for my faith that God watches over me and listens when we are close and I lift up the fears and pain of those I love.  Tonight as I lay here in bed, remembering what my youth group leader taught us that we are to be thankful even in the bad times.  Thankyou Jesus for walking through our troubles with us.  Thankyou God for your wise use of the pain of this world to mold us into a creature more like you and less of selfish nature.  Please give wisdom to those asking what to do, and skill to the doctors doing surgery tomorrow for cancer patient. Please send angels to be with those with short time here on earth.  Bless your faithful servants with your presence. As the old hym says…Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

  • O soul, are you weary and troubled? No light in the darkness you see? There’s light for a look at the Savior, And life more abundant and free!
    • Refrain: Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of His glory and grace.
  • Through death into life everlasting He passed, and we follow Him there; O’er us sin no more hath dominion— For more than conqu’rors we are!
  • His Word shall not fail you—He promised; Believe Him, and all will be well: Then go to a world that is dying, His perfect salvation to tell!