Some of my favorite activities to do with my grandkids!

  1. Glue macaroni, beans and rice onto construction paper.
  2. Read whatever book they pick out, as many times as they want.
  3. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and play the trivia game.
  4. Cuddle and watch a movie.
  5. Pray for others with them.
  6. Say I love you!
  7. Go to the park.
  8. Make a fort or watch while they do it.
  9. Show them how to take pictures with my camera.
  10. Take a nap with them and they love this too…just hard to get them to go to sleep as they want to talk the whole time.
  11. Find fun games on the IPOD for them to play and teach them how.
  12. Teach them Bible stories.
  13. Practice drawing shapes and faces and simple drawings with the toddlers.
  14. laugh…and giggle!
  15. Have them help me cook.
  16. Roll a ball back and forth.

What do you like to do with the kids in your life?  I like to choose some projects that have everlasting life lessons.  I like to use a line from the movie “Help” and it is “You are Smart, You are Kind, You are Beautiful”.  (not sure my version is exact but it is the same idea of using affirming words).  The movie shows how people other than the parents can love on kids and make a difference in their lives.  It makes me happy to love on people, especially kids.


One thought on “Some of my favorite activities to do with my grandkids!

  1. I love when Richard’s grandkids are around. We don’t see them alot but when we are around them they think it is so special to hang out with us and go shopping,etc. I think because we don’t see them alot when we do get together it’s a highlight for us and them. And isn’t the movie The Help a great movie?

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