Comfort in Routine

Some days the everyday routine seems boring but today I am taking comfort in having a Monday morning place to be and things to do.  My favorite part of Monday morning is when Grace and Abby come over with their mom.  I get to spend the whole day being grandma and have a slow, quiet Monday morning with the girls.  Today we are getting our Valentine groove on!  I will try to post some pictures.  Grace wanted to make cards for Preston and Tyler.  So we used pink construction paper and glue with macaroni and Viola!  Valentines for our family.


One thought on “Comfort in Routine

  1. Yes I need routine. When we moved out of our house and Heather moved away at the same time. It was so hard (and still is at times). That messed up my routine completely. But it is exciting because I’m starting new routines and the newness of my new life also makes me lean on God more as well. My first and foremost routine needs to always be my time with the Lord before anything else even if the other things in life seem out of control.

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