Hug Them Once for Me

Love this song even though it brings the tears.  Dreamed about my daddy last night and how he worked so hard and long hours but I was sad because we didn’t get to spend enough time with him. We were poor so he thought he needed to work so hard.  He is in Heaven now and I love the thought of Jesus hugging him.  My grandma and grandpa Smith are in heaven and I can feel their joy at their laying down at the feet of Jesus all the rewards from helping others and loving people.  Hannah and Leah spent their time in earth in their mama’s tummy and hearing their daddy and mommy’s voices and then were in heaven.  I can picture Jesus holding them…both of them at once then one at a time.  Then my thoughts go on to the HIV/AIDs babies and little ones in Africa that die everyday and think of him holding each one with love shinning out of his eyes like liquid pools of love.  Oh Lord please be with the sick and dying.  Joyful time in heaven indeed!



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