Some Truths Every Kid Should Know By the Time they are 18

  1. God created everything.
  2. God loves us and tells us that learning to love others is very important.
  3. God sent his son and through what Jesus Christ did for us we can be righteous and have a personal relationship with him.
  4. There are Cold, Lukewarm and On Fire Christians.  Only the On Fire ones are real.  The Bible is full of information on just what that means.
  5. Respect or Honoring Parents is a Holy thing, not just good manners.
  6. Anything can be an Idol if you hold it as more important than what God says.  Food can be an Idol.  Pride can be an Idol.  TV show/movies can be an Idol.
  7. If you love Jesus you will crave/love preaching and teaching (I know not all preachers and teachers are Christian even in church and some are sooo boring).  But craving to learn and grow is a by product of the Holy Spirit in You!
  8. If you learn to have integrity and be faithful early it will save you a lot of heartache.
  9. The people that tell you it is okay to do something that God is against are not your friend.  God has high standards and cannot abide evil.
  10. A passionate student wanting to learn is a teachers dream.  A passionate Christian student is God’s child.
  11. Happiness is not Joy.
  12. Billy Graham and Charles Spurgeon among others lived lives dedicated to God and there are books you can read about them.  Have good role models and leave Music/Movie Icons to the heathens.
  13. God made us humans with many skin, hair and eye colors and gave us all traits and made us in his likeness.  God is not a tame God.  God is different than us and the power of his words can create life.
  14. It is good to be thankful to God, Parents, Teachers and tell them so.
  15. Sex or rather the misuse of it is one of the biggest easiest sins to fall into.  The Bible gives clear guidelines to how a marriage/family is to be and the responsibilities that go with it for Christians.
  16. With each right comes responsibility.
  17. The more stuff you have the more you have to work to keep it and to keep it up.
  18. God wants us to be people with deliberate consideration of our actions.
  19. Feelings can fool us.  If we control our thoughts our feelings will follow.
  20. Widows and Orphans are special to God and a sure way to do his will is to help someone in need.
  21. Feed a hungry person.  Clothe a needy person.  God values this.  You should too.
  22. Teachers will be held accountable for what we teach.  Be careful what you teach your peers.
  23. Love your neighbors.
  24. Love yourself and God.
  25. Don’t drift, life goes by so very fast as it is, you won’t want to waste any of it.
  26. Enjoy the amazing things God has made.  Sunsets and sunny days along with cool rain and colorful flowers.
  27. If you are a Dad or Mom, be a great one.



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