How Many Things Would a Wood Chuck Touch If A Wood Chuck Touched All That You Did?

Being a Good Steward is something every American should think about.  A good way to realize just how fortunate you are even in these times of economic struggle is to start a list.  On that list you can divide it into 3 categories.  1. Food  2. Objects like bed  3. Products like Toothpaste.  In 3 minutes quickly write all the things you used/touched today.  For example: This morning I turned off the Alarm Clock and got out of bed.  So you would have Alarm Clock, Night Stand, Bed, sheet, pillow, pillowcase, blanket.  I walked to the bathroom so you would have carpet etc.  and there I used the toilet, toilet paper, water… or you can just make one long list. Do not include live beings like people and cats…

Think about it…Some people have a dirt floor and the clothes on their backs…and yet in America we have the sickness of hoarding things!  Here is my list for today!

Bed, Pillow, Pillowcase, sheet, carpet, alarm clock, night stand, cpap, phone, power outlet, electrical cord/charger, glass, water, lotion, toilet, toilet paper, flushable wipes, linoleum, sink, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower, towel, shampoo, cream rinse, leave in conditioner, shower spray cleaner, floor mat, hair band, deoderant, panties, socks, cami/bra, jeans, shirt, jacket medicines and suppliments, yogurt, brewers yeast, craisens, chia seeds, spoon, bowl, rice, glass, water, pain pill, sofa, tv, roku/netflix, table, markers, card, computer, dishrag, dishwasher, kitchen sink, washing machine, laundry soap, liquid fabric softener, dryer, sheet fabric softener, waste basket, flip flops, car, special gluten free mix and brownie mix, knitting needles, yarn, scissors, zipper bag, wallet, purse, another purse, eye drops, measuring tape, taco, dr. pepper, napkins, straw, hot sauce, lawn chair, grass, concession stand,  bottle of water, camera on phone, greenhouse plants kale, flowers, Cannon digital camera, shopping cart, lens cleaner, lenses, camera case, public restroom, paper hand towels, restaraunt table, menu, plate, bbq chicken, corn, potatoes with gravy (gave to sister in law), potatoes without gravy, basque bread(gave to my husband-special diet), iced tea with lemon, sweetener, iced tea spoon, salad bar (lettuce, carrot, cole slaw, 3 bean salad, olives, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, tomato, chair, table, hand lotion, pajamas, scrubby, gluten free shampoo, water/tub, towel, heel balm, socks, cpap machine, water for cpap, electricity for cpap, internet bible lesson, printer, facebook, blog.

I have a closet full of clothes and a dresser full of clothes.  Once a year I give away many clothes to thrift store but by the next it is full again.  I have probably 10 pairs of shoes and 20 pairs of socks.  I had several jackets to choose from today.  I played games on my iphone and did my Bible reading by listening to a Bible app on my iphone then my lesson plans off the internet while laying on my comfy clean bed.  Beside me is a cpap machine and a glass of water and lotion which my husband rubbed into my feet.

If you only had 5 things out of the list that you could have today what would you pick?  I’d love for you to comment and tell me.  It is so hard for me to choose.  I’d have to go with 1, taco 2. water 3. clothes 4. bed 5. toilet

It was hard to choose between car and medicine or toilet!  Then if you got a little money from scavenging at the dump and by selling something what would you buy next?





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