A Few of My Favorite Things


Taking a trip with my love and seeing wildlife.

esquirrel multfalls1575

A well fed squirrel that isn’t too afraid of me.

Orange & Yellow trivet crochet

A gift from a thoughtful friend.


To have my day filled with smiling friends.

Sherry's iphone pics 2012 039

Adventures with the grand babies. (Don’t they look thrilled?)Getting Out and Taking Pictures when you Don't feel like it!

Taking photos…more than being in photos!Randy's home made box kite

The ocean…and watching my love have fun flying the box kite he built.

New York trip 2010 607

Adventures with a friend. (NYC hamburgers at a famous hidden hamburger joint)



New York trip 2010 045

and Cheesecake (Carnegie Deli’s in NYC) and enough to share with the table!



Joy of a Grandmother bridges race/culture and language barriers.

5-30-11 174Daniel and I snuggle

Why are we so afraid of change or people from another race or culture?  The other grandma may not know your language but you all know how to love a baby and your children.  To share this joy even though your culture may not be comfortable with people of another language/culture/race is a choice and one that we have enjoyed and would recommend.  The one thing I would not change would be people of like faith in a marriage can build a strong foundation for their family.  This gracious African woman, the mother of our wonderful son in law, father of our grandchildren is a lovely soul and a loving Christian woman.  I choose Joy in our relationship.