Have I grown in word thought and deed? Have You?

I crave going deeper(do you?) 

Imagine for a moment living the spiritual life that few in my experience even realize is available to people of faith. The option of growing wiser and more loving not just older. Being one with the Holy Spirit in my words, thoughts and deeds! WOW! To focus with more intentional daily goals I see that to simplify my life and possessions is a must. It has been too easy in our land of plenty to focus on gathering things. Those “precious” things that are pretty, fun and all those other people have. Instead to think about and read wisdom and do what it takes to control my thoughts and mouth and do what is right. Even though I am one small life, a daughter, wife, sister, mom, grandmother…I am also an adopted daughter of a King, the Alpha and Omega, the father to the fatherless, the one who provided a way for me to be in relationship with a Holy Creator. I am forever grateful for what Jesus did with his life here on the cross and resurrecction fulfilling the high price for me. No other has loved me so much. None other has inspired me to love the unlovable or downtrodden. I can be more. I am loved even though people do not always reflect Gods love for us as they should. My life has meaning and purpose. You are loved. Want to go deeper with me?

Surging Baby Girl Gift

Playing with my surger this morning I wondered what the pattern would turn out to be if I replaced the cream colored end cone of thread with a pink one. Sewing for baby girl presents is fun!  Nothing easier than surging around some quality gauze to make a unique and personal gift. On the top side the edge is outlined in the pink and on the back it is mostly pink. Love, love, love how it turned out! May this baby girl be loved and cherished and may my presence in her life be a blessing. In the name of Jesus. Amen!

Children choose Joy


As long as it isn’t immoral or illegal as a grandmother I choose to let my grandchildren experience joy in messy ways.  Our grandson had the best time ever sitting in this big puddle and as a mom I probably wouldn’t have let him get in it.  Of course I thought he was only going to wade in it and he had shorts on but he plopped himself down to sit in the middle of it.  How often do adults by pass the joy of a situation like wading in a  puddle or going outside to watch a rainbow or sunset?  I’m trying to notice and enjoy these God given blessings.